Welcome, fellow traveller!

I’m Alpha Shuro (yes, that’s my real name). I, like you, am also a traveller, searching for a destination.

a picture of me

I enjoy learning, modelling solutions to problems, learning how to learn, building software, and building factories. I also enjoy ice skating, and looking for more fun things to try.

My primary work involves building full stack web applications and distributed web services.

In code, I value readability, correctness, and communication greatly. Oh, and diagrams are awesome.

Many claim to have heard me howling soliloquies about functional programming during full moons, but the evidence is circumstantial at best.

What I like to think about:

  • cognitive science: how brains work and how to wield them effectively
  • philosophy: meaningful ways to interpret reality and decide what actions to take
  • software engineering: how to work better together to build functional, maintainable software
  • pedagogy: how to make learning and knowledge-transfer better
  • life: how to live it, how to enjoy it

What I care deeply about

  • I want to help humans live better, automate what can be, and use tech for the good of the species
  • I want to help people learn how to learn and use their built-in pattern recognition machine well
  • I always try to have a positive impact on the people around me (usually using bullet 2 👆🏿)


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